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Osborne Street two-family houses

A young mother and her twin four-year-old son and daughter, formerly homeless, are now living in one of the apartments built by SHORE on Osborne Street in White Plains. SHORE volunteers gathered on Sunday, April 1, 2001, to help them move in and to celebrate with the first family to live in the new affordable-housing development. West Post Road

The two children ran from room to room, "oohing" and "aahing," as their grandmother, who had come along to help, tried in vain to persuade them to sing a Welcome Song they had learned in preschool.

The family owned very little furniture, but has received a set of tables and chairs and other furniture items which have been donated by SHORE supporters. More was scheduled to arrive with transportation assistance from the young woman's fellow church members and from a relative who owns a pickup truck. Orawaupum Street

The newly-housed family is one of seven screened and selected by SHORE as applicants for rental apartments which are part of seven two-family homes built by the organization. Final selection of tenants was made by owners of the new two-family homes. The double units were sold to qualified first-time purchasers of modest income, who each live in one of the units and rent the other to a family coming from emergency housing. Wayne Street

The young mother of the family expressed deepest appreciation to SHORE and to all the supporters who have made her new home possible. Although she works full time, she has not until now been able to find an apartment she could afford on her salary. "All things come in time," she said. "It's wonderful."

Four more two-family homes, similar to these, were completed by SHORE on West Post Road in White Plains.

SHORE also has renovated two two-family homes for rental as permanent housing for families who once were homeless. Restored to stability, dignity and safety in their own apartments, SHORE's tenant families pay a modest rent, help with property upkeep, and pursue productive lives at home, at work and at school, as full members of the community."

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