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The Open Arms Program is a 38 bed shelter for single homeless men which began operating in 1989. It has established itself as a model program. The program provides a full range of services for residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with caring and effective staff workers, Open Arms offers a number of on-site services.

86 East Post Road, White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: 914-948-5044 or Fax: 914-948-9059
Referral From: Westchester County Department of Social Services

While the root of homelessness is a lack of affordable housing, residents are challenged to work on those issues that they can change until they move out into a place they can call their own. Through a supportive staff, including case managers helping residents with individualized goals, residents are able to build a positive self-image, further education, obtain jobs, and become better equipped for permanent housing. Volunteers also provide services as well as friendly support.

Many of the staff workers have been through similar difficult life experiences. They now serve as positive role models, showing residents that they too can succeed. Open Arms has received numerous awards and much publicity as hundreds of residents have successfully moved out of the shelter system.

A part-time chaplain and numerous volunteers also serve at Open Arms. Although Open Arms operates under contract with the Westchester County Department of Social Services, voluntary donations have made a difference in the program's quality of services.

Words of a former resident:

"I had forgotten what bathing and eating was all about.
My body was torn down and my mind full of doubt.
I came to the place where I used to rest
And along this road this stop was the best.
It's a safe haven that protects again harms.
It's the place that's correctly named 'Open Arms'."

Open Arms is operated by Grace Church Community Center, Inc.

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